Multi Type Editor

Multi type editor displays a tree of elements in a project, which can be edited, changed and arranged at the same time.

Click on the Kobi Toolkit tab > go to BIM Manager Panel > Click on Multi Type Editor tool

  • Edit elements:

    Use right click on the element to rename or duplicate selected element.

    use toolbar to:

    • Collapse all nodes

    • Expand all nodes

    • Expand nodes on first level

    • select categories

      click on select categories icon - select categories by checking boxes or right clicking on the category names.

  • Edit values:

click element to select it (hold down control or shift key to select multiple elements) - select cells in parameters tab - change or enter new values - use copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) command to quickly change values.

  • Match Instance Parameters

  • Upgrade Families

  • Copy Standards