Parameter Manager

With this tool, users can create new project parameters and/or edit family parameters (e.g. convert parameters from instance to type based, import many shared parameters at once, etc.).

In a project file the user can import one or more shared parameters and apply it to multiple categories at once in a selected group.

In a family file the user can manage several parameter properties at once. Tool Parameter Manager has more functionality. User can change the parameter from instance to type, delete parameters and import one or more shared parameters from the shared parameter file. The tool enables the user to export parameter to a JSON file which can be imported to a different family file with same parameters and definitions.

use toolbar to:

  • Select all nodes

  • Deselect all nodes

  • Invert checked nodes

  • Collapse selected nodes

  • Expand selected nodes

  • Collapse all nodes

  • Expand all nodes

Click on the Content Admin Kit tab > go to Parameter Administration Kit panel > click on Parameter Manager