Add Station and Offset to Points

Command Description

The "Add Station and Offset to Points" command calculates station and offset of selected COGO point perpendicular to selected primary alignment. Optionally you can select secondary alignment to get station and offset to secondary alignment too.

This makes it handy to create Civil 3D point tables from selected COGO points with station and offset data.

To add station and offset properties to COGO points

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for Civil 3D tab > Points panel > Add Station > and Offset to Points

  2. In "Select Points" section choose point selection method. You can choose between:

    a. Selection: select COGO points manually from the drawing

    b. All: all COGO points in the drawing will be selected

    c. Group: choose COGO point group and all points in the group will be selected

    d. Numbers: Enter COGO point numbers in syntax 1,4-10,20

  3. In "Select primary alignment" select alignment that will be used for station and offset calculation.

  4. Optionally select additional alignment in "Select secondary alignment" drop down.

  5. Use Settings button to define prefix and suffix separately for left and right side.

To create point table from COGO points with station and offset data

  1. Click Annotate tab > Labels & Tables panel > Add Tables Menu > Add Point Table

  2. Create new or edit existing Table style .

  3. Add new column by pressing .

  4. Double click the Column Value row in new column.

  5. Add Offset1 property by selecting it in Properties drop down and pressing .

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for properties Station1 and optionally Offset2 and Station2.

  7. Click to select a point group that specifies the points to be included in the table.

  8. Click to select points in the drawing to be included in the table.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Select the location for the upper-left corner of the table in the drawing.

Please note that station and offset properties of points are dynamically updated whenever point or alignment is modified. If point table was created in Dynamic reactivity mode, the point table will be automatically updated too.