Convert Lines to Pipes

Command Description

The "Convert Lines to Pipes" command converts selected line, polyline or arc entities to Civil 3D pipe objects. Newly created pipes are automatically connected to the existing structures that are located at the selected entity start/end point or vertices.

To convert lines/polylines/arcs to pipes

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for Civil 3D tab > Pipes panel > Convert Lines to Pipes

  2. From "Network name" drop down select a pipe network on which pipes will be created or enter new network name.

  3. From "Network Parts list" drop down select a parts list that contain desired pipe family and size.

  4. Select pipe family and size from "Pipe to create" drop down.

  5. Select structure family and size from "Structure to create" drop down.

  6. Select intermediate structure family and size from "Intermediate structure to create" drop down. Intermediate structures are the ones that connect 2 pipes.

  7. Select Layers.

  8. Check "Erase existing entity" to delete selected entities after Civil 3D pipes are created.

  9. Check "Use vertex elevation" to use polyline elevations as reference elevations for pipes. If left unchecked pipe rules will be applied.

  10. Select vertex elevation reference to define pipe point to be used.