Selection Filter

Command Description

The "Selection Filter" command creates a selection set by using filters. You can access the selection set at a Select Objects prompt with the Previous option.

To create selection set

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Selection > Selection Filter .

  2. In "Grouping" section:

    • Check "Show only visible entities" to show only visible entities.

    • There are three options how to group entities: "By Type", "By Layer" or "By Type & Layer".

  3. In "Entities" section:

    • There are five buttons to help you select groups of entities:

      • Click to check all.
      • Click to uncheck all.
      • Click to invert selection.
      • Click to collapse all.
      • Click to expand all.
    • Or select groups of entities by using check boxes in the tree view.

  4. Click "OK".