Export XYZ

Command Description

The "Export XYZ" command is used to export XYZ coordinates and names from selected blocks or points. Command allows you to extract block elevation and name form block attributes.

To export blocks or points XYZ coordinates to file

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Output > Export XYZ

  2. In the command line there are two options:

    • Select blocks manually from the drawing or

    • Click "Points" to pick point in the drawing and enter name and elevation for picked point.

  3. Name tag: select tag for block name.

  4. Elevation tag: select tag for block elevation.

  5. Click button to add new item to the list.

  6. Click button to delete row from list.

  7. Click button to clean whole list.

  8. Click on the column heading to sort data in the list.

  9. Change the data in the table

  10. Click "Export" to save the data to file.