Interpolate 3D Polyline

Command Description

The "Interpolate 3D Polyline" command is used to define Z elevations of the existing 3D polyline vertices by interpolation or extrapolation.

To Interpolate 3D polyline

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Geometry > Interpolate 3D Polyline
  2. Select 3D polyline
  3. Select vertex 1 or click enter for first vertex of the selected 3D polyline
  4. Enter vertex 1 elevation
  5. Select vertex 2 or click enter the last vertex of the selected 3D polyline
  6. Enter vertex 2 elevation
  7. In next step you have two options:
    • Select vertex 3 and proceed as before or
    • Press Extrapolate to extrapolate Z elevations to the end of the 3D polyline
  8. After you finish with selection vertices press Enter