3D Offset

Command Description

The "3D Offset" command creates a 3D Polyline that represents a 3D offset od selected object. 3D offset is defined with horizontal distance, vertical distance and offset side. When selected entity is an arc, circle or polyline with arcs, then specified mid-ordinate distance is used to tessellate the arcs. The following entities are supported: Line, Polyline, 2D Polyline, Arc, Circle.

To draw 3D offset

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Geometry > 3D Offset .

  2. Specify horizontal offset distance

  3. Specify vertical offset distance

  4. Select object or enter an option. There are three options available:

    • Mid-ordinate – specify mid-ordinate distance which is used to tessellate arcs, circles or polyline with arcs

    • Erase – specify if selected object is erased after conversion
    • Exit – exit the command