Polyline Wipeout

Command Description

The "Polyline Wipeout" command is used to create Wipeout around selected polyline.

To create polyline Wipeout

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Annotation > Polyline Wipeout .
  2. In the command line are two options:
    • Enter offset value: specify an offset of polyline where the wipeout will be plotted.
    • Change Frame settings: determines whether the edges of all wipeout objects are displayed or hidden. Available Frames modes:
      • ON - frames are displayed and plotted.
      • OFF - frames are not displayed or plotted.
      • Display but not plot - frames are displayed but are not plotted.
  3. Select polyline
  4. Select wipeout region by selecting start and end points along the polyline or press "Enter" button to create wipeout along the entire length of the polyline.