Label Slope

Command Description

The "Label Slope" command allows you to label slope of Lines, 2D Polylines, Polylines, 3D Polylines…

To label slope of elements

  1. Click Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD tab > Annotation > Label Slope .

  2. Select one or more Polylines in the drawing and press "Enter" button.

  3. Draw style

    • 2D: slope will be labeled and calculated in 2D
    • 3D: slope will be labeled and calculated in 3D. The elevation of the 3D Polyline points will be also taken into consideration.
  4. Output format:

    • Slope: specifies the slope value [%]
    • Grade: specifies the grade value [1:n]
  5. Add Prefix/Suffix to text in the label

  6. Specify text offset to element

  7. Specify text height

  8. Precision: specify the number of decimal digits

  9. Preview: shows how label will look like

Note that the slope is marked in red if it is negative.